Consent and Respect Training

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What is Consent & Respect Training?

Consent & Respect is an online education program regarding sexual violence and bystander intervention. The course reflects the university’s commitment to campus safety and compliance with the federal Violence Against Women Act and the Illinois Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act.

Consent & Respect is offered through 3rd Millennium Classrooms, an online provider that guarantees confidentiality. While SIU tracks whether or not the course has been completed, students’ individual responses to questions within it are completely confidential and are not shared with the university.

Effective Fall 2016, Consent & Respect training is mandated for all students, whether traditional or non-traditional, in on-campus, off-campus, or online programs.  Students will be notified of the need to complete the training via their SIU email accounts on an annual basis.

Students who do not complete the training will have holds placed on their records and will not be able to register for subsequent semesters until the training is successfully completed. There are no exceptions to completing Consent & Respect training.

For additional information regarding Consent & Respect training, please contact the Office of Equity and Compliance at or 618-453-4807. 

FAQ's for Faculty and Staff

1.   Who must take the training?

  • Effective Fall 2016, all students will be required to complete Consent & Respect annually.

2.   Where is the link?

  • There is no direct link to the training. Students will receive an email to his or her SIU email account with the information needed to access the course. This information will take students to their individual SalukiNet pages. The training is accessed through the "Must Do List" in SalukiNet.

3.   Is Consent & Respect training required of students who previously participated in Haven and Step Up! trainings?

  • Yes.  Effective Fall 2016, all students are required to complete Consent & Respect training regardless of any previously completed training.

4.   Should faculty/staff give out a link?

  • Again, there is no link to provide. Students will be notified via SIU email and SalukiNet to complete the training.

5.   What if a student does not use his or her SIU email address?         

  • All students receive official SIU correspondence at their SIU email addresses. They are responsible for checking their SIU email accounts regularly. In addition, they will also be notified via SalukiNet that they are required to take the training.  This information appears in the Must Do List on the Featured section SalukiNet.

6.   Do students still have to take Haven training?

  • No. Consent & Respect training takes the place of Haven.

7.   Do students still have to take Step Up! training?

  • No. Consent & Respect training will take the place of Step Up! training. However, the Office of Equity and Compliance will still provide Step Up! training even though it is not mandated. See the Office of Equity and Compliance’s calendar for dates of trainings or contact the office to schedule Step Up! training.

8.   Is this the only training students must take?

  • No. Students who are also student employees, graduate assistants or a campus security authorities will also be required to take the employee training. They will receive information on what employee training is required and where to take that training via their SIU email as well.

9.   Will there be a hold on registration for students who do not take the training?

  • Yes. There will be holds on registration for future semesters until the training is completed.

10.  When must this training be completed?

  • The deadline to complete the training will vary.  Students will have 45 days from the date notification to complete the training is received in which to do so before registration holds are applied.